Teaching in Finland – Part 3: How it went, Day-by-day


In my first post on this topic I wrote about how a chance conversation with the host of a study visit led to a really nice teaching project with Kainuu Vocational College (KAO) in Finland. The main topic of that post was the way that the project moved from idea to something more concrete. This was followed by an overview of the more technical considerations like lining up the course structure with the requirements of a range of curricula.

This post gives a day-by-day account of how all the preparation and planning worked out in practice, warts and all.

I plan one more post, one on the Lessons Learned. In it I will try and answer the question “with what I now know having run this course, how would I run it now“.

Monday: Put up or shut up time

This was it. All the planning and preparation had come town to me and 12 students in the same room, them waiting for something to happen, me desperately trying to remember my opening lines.

Nervous Speaker
Nervous? Who, me?

After what seemed like an age, but was probably only a few seconds, we were away. My opening gambit of confessing my own nervousness seemed to go down well.

Happily it lead quite naturally to a chat about the mini CVs that they had sent me ahead of the course and what they hoped to get from the course.

This was followed up by a discussion of my own career – 11 jobs in 33 years – and why it developed that way.

Within a few minutes my first concerns were addressed – the students’ English was more than good enough and they were all volunteers and so were interested in the subject.

One huge sigh of relief later we launched into the meat of the morning, a couple of nice icebreaker exercises.

Moving on

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