Elevators Stories: prioritising the punchline

Taking your chance

How often have you bumped into a person that you really needs to impress only to have them called away halfway through your pitch? Talk about frustration. While you can’t always avoid this, this is a way of making the most of any time you do have in this situation.

The technique I’m going to talk about is called “an elevator story”. The name comes from the idea that one day you will get into an elevator with a person (The Target) that you want to interest in something that you are doing.

Typically your aim is to show The Target that you have an idea that they should back. The idea might be that you are doing a great job and are worth a pay rise or promotion or that you have a great business idea that they could profitably back.

For this blog post I’m going to use the example that I want a senior director to fund my leadership and management (L&M) programme. The pitch is that I’m currently running a pilot L&M programme for this organisation and I want them to commit to a full programme.

The problem

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