Managing Business Money – The webinar questions

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

A while back I wrote a blog post about me experiences of recording and delivering a webinar on the subject of “Managing Business Money” for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

This was what could best be described as an interesting experience, one involving trips to London, a live video screen the size of my lounge wall and a real-time link to the technical team in America.

Questions, questions

As part of the webinar participants could submit questions which i did my best to answer on the day.

However, there were a lot of questions and it was difficult to do them all justice in the time allowed, so I’ve written this blog post to answer a selection in more detail.

To simplify things I’ve groups the questions into categories and combined the most similar ones, so please forgive me if you can’t find the exact question that you asked.

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