Safeguarding data: saving your business’ life

A few years ago I heard this statement:

Before you’ve had a major data loss you wonder what the fuss is. After you’ve had a major data loss you wonder why people are so unconcerned“.

And before you ask, yes I was one of the unconcerned. At best I would copy my data to a CD or DVD when ever I thought about it.

The speaker went on explain how they nearly lost their business just because of a hard drive failure.

They also presented some frightening statistics on the consequence of data loss on businesses. The one that stood out for me was that 70% of small firms that have a major data loss go out of business within 1 year. (DTI/PCW).

Not wanting to join the 70% I decided that I needed a robust and systematic way of protecting my data. Here’s what I did.

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