My business

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My name is Bob windmill and I am the MD of Windmill Insight Solutions
ltd. I created WIS because I felt that my original business, Sapience Consulting, while successful and earning me a living, was too focused on the processes of improvement rather than on achieving good outcomes.

By nature I prefer to focus on all the good things that can happen when we individually or as a business decide to make positive changes.

With that in mind I set up Windmill Insight Solutions Ltd which is very much aimed at helping people and organisations achieve good things. This blog is a way for me share with you some of the more interesting bits and pieces that I am working on.

The company name is a combination of my Surname – me, because that’s what i’m offering, Insight – that great moment when all the data and information that you are working with makes sense, and Solutions – getting something useful done, which is what life is all about, .

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