Another small act of kindness

in August 2017 I wrote about three small acts of kindness that I had experienced. In each the giver did not do have to do what they did, but did so anyway, and in each case I had a better day as a results. Nice….

In this case the small act of kindness was by a company offering not to send me certain emails.

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Building a team of many talents

In the summer of 2017 I was offered a three month contract as Interim Water Quality Monitoring Manager with Southern Water to help implement a new Compliance and Resilience directorate.

Writes Bob Windmill

Eight months later (yeah, I know) I had led the creation of an entirely new team of six monitoring scientists and a principal, fitting this into a new department made up of existing teams.

Not an everyday situation……

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Three things I value: Part 2 – Worth paying a bit more for

In this post you will read about a device that costs low hundreds of pounds which only does he same basic job as a something costing about a third of that, but one which I still wouldn’t want to be without.

So, what is this device, and what makes it worth the money?

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Three small acts of kindness

Our lives are shaped by a variety of events, some big and some small. Big events like getting married and changing jobs can have a profound effect on our  lives but sometimes its the small things that that we remember with affection.

In this post I will share with you three small acts of kindness that I experienced, things that the giver didn’t have to do, but did anyway.

The knock at the door

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A trip down memory lane

The post below is about me racing motorcycles and some of my successes on my FZ750.

Calling it one of “My Publications” may be stretching things just a bit, but I don’t care because:

  • Doing it brought back happy memories of beating full 1100cc Superbikes on my little 750
  • It was chosen for publication by the editor
  • It’s my blog and I can write what I want……

If you are interested it was published in the February edition of Practical Sportsbikes, published by Bauer Consumer Media ltd in the UK

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Hobbies helping work

Can what you learn in your hobby help you at work? My experience says that it can, even if I did find out the hard way.

In the beginning

I started my career as a trainee laboratory technician with Anglian Water. At the time it seemed like a pretty dead end role, washing test tubes and being the general dogsbody.

With hindsight it was a wonderful starter job which provided me with a really solid understanding of laboratory techniques and water treatment processes which ultimately underpinned a great career.

However, at the time I didn’t see the possibilities and spent more energy fighting the system than actually doing my job.

By contrast away from work my hobby was racing powerful superbikes around various UK racetracks. Initially I was abysmally slow, only the power of my 1200cc Laverda saving me from the humiliation of being lapped.

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How I escaped a life of grind

Looking back

Sitting here today with two successful careers behind me and another in progress it’s easy to forget that life wasn’t always so rosy.

In this post I will be writing about the shock of moving from the nice comfortable world of education to the rather less forgiving world at work.

School – the good old days?

At school I had real status as the football playing uber-geek, excelling at science and maths while also playing football for the school first team.

At this time I had credibility with the teachers, winning the chemistry prize three years in a row, while earning the respect of my peers by playing for the football first team a year ahead of schedule.

Surely, I thoughts, with a record like that any employer would see my value and promote me accordingly. As we will see, it didn’t quite work out like that.

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