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Mastering the Art of Attracting and Nurturing Skilled Talent: Best Practices for Recruitment Marketing

Image via Pexels In today’s competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining skilled individuals is paramount for organizational success. Recruitment marketing plays a pivotal role in this endeavour. This article from Katie Conroy of Advice Mine explores the best practices that businesses should embrace to excel in their recruitment marketing efforts. Let’s see Katie’s take on […]

Cheap is good, free can be better

Libre Draw: A Good Alternative to Microsoft Visio for Most People Many years ago I read that for any product or service, you can have any two of Cheap, Fast and Good. This sits nicely alongside another saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, something I learned the hard way when racing powerful superbikes round my local […]

Lessons From The Racetrack – Keeping Up vs Getting Ahead

In previous posts I spoke about how my hobby of racing powerful superbikes around various UK racetracks helped me grow and develop professionally. In this post I’m revisiting the key theme of how the principles of racing successfully can be applied to your professional development. From the beginning When racing , we the riders would […]

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