Welcome to the my blog. This page gives you a flavour of who I am and my approach to helping people to help themselves. To read some of my posts, please use the “Recent Posts” link above.

About me

My name is Bob windmill and I am the MD of Windmill Insight Solutions ltd. I’ve been running Windmill Insight Solutions (WIS)  for over seven years and I am delighted that, despite the 2010 downturn, things are going really well.

Although successful I felt that my original business, Sapience Consulting was focused on processes rather than outcomes. Believing  that people matter as least as much as processes I set up WIS.

WIS is very much aimed at helping people and organisations achieve good things. This blog is a way for me share with you some thoughts on how individuals and organisations can avoid repeating my mistakes.

This of course means that you are now free to go off and make some new ones of your own  🙂

Why WIS?

The company name is a combination of my Surname – me, because that’s what I am offering , Insight – that great moment when all the data and information that you are working with makes sense, and Solutions – getting something useful done, which after all is what life is about.

Education and experience

I am lucky to hold both science and business Master’s Degrees, giving me two different ways of thinking about problems and how to solve them. This knowledge has been refined by 40 years experience of applying it to a range of practical problems.

However, the best asset I have is that I love making things work better. From an early age I would take things apart to see how they worked. While I wasn’t quite as successful at getting them back together it was a start.

Off down a slippery slope?

Somewhere along the line this inquisitive young person disappeared and was taken over  by a rather more serious individual who liked the comfort and security of of a world of technical excellence where answers were either right or wrong.

How well did that work out? Have a read of my post on “How I escaped a life of grind“. Is there a clue in the title? You decide.

If you have a work or personal experience to you’d share, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Best regards.

Bob Windmill

3 thoughts on “Home

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    ⅼoved tһe standard information а person pгоvide in your
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  2. Hi Bob, glad to see you’re doing so well. I remember fondly you keeping wicket for our office cricket team whilst you were at Anglian Water’s Whitlingham Lab. Didn’t you used to partake in motorcycle racing? Best wishes; hoping you’re keeping well in these trying times

    1. Hi David

      It’s good to hear from you and yes, I have happy memories of keeping wicket while at Whitlingham. That seems like a lifetime ago.

      And yes, I raced motorcycles for nearly 10 years, with some success, before I confused my ambitions and capabilities competing on the Isle of Man.

      I left Anglian in 2002 to go contracting, funnily enough on the IoM, before coming back to work for Energy and Utility Skills.

      These days I run my own water oriented training and consultancy business.

      What are you up to?

      Best regards.


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