Gifts that keep giving

Repositioning a curtain rail the other day, it struck me that most of the tools I was using were many years old. Everything was at least five years old, and the drill was, at over 20, the granddaddy.

The tools are an example of Gifts That Keep Giving. Originally used as an advertising slogan in the 1920s it describes something that continues to give pleasure or usefulness. But for me the real Gifts That Keep Giving are the skills and experience that I’ve built up over the years.


Some skills and experience came from obvious sources like qualifications, training courses and changing jobs while other were learned proving my nearly standard sports bike could beat the purpose built racers round various UK racetracks.

Using those skills and experience I have built myself a good future: a nice house and car, both paid for, and a company pension that pays the bills and gives me the freedom to do the more interesting stuff.

Alongside this I have a raft of technical and management skills that enable me to do full time roles in three days a week, when asked.

To help individuals and organisations do likewise, I am launching a new programme, Building Great Futures, that will help individuals and organisation do just that.

Using a mix of qualifications, bespoke training, mentoring and my version of consultancy services, the programme will give individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and build the future they want.

I have lots of ideas for the programme, including its own website. If you have any thoughts, as an individual or for your business, on areas for me cover please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Best regards.


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