Three small acts of kindness

Our lives are shaped by a variety of events, some big and some small. Big events like getting married and changing jobs can have a profound effect on our  lives but sometimes its the small things that that we remember with affection.

In this post I will share with you three small acts of kindness that I experienced, things that the giver didn’t have to do, but did anyway.

The knock at the door

We don’t get many callers to the door in our household, so it was a bit of a surprise to when the doorbell went at 10:30 on wet and windy evening.

Cautiously opening the door I was greeted by young man who, judging my the magnificent Alsatian at his side, was out walking his dog .

He had noticed that I’d left a window open on my car and that the rain was blowing in, and had taken the time to call and tell me this.

I was was touched by this gesture.

I was also grateful at a practical level. The car, a nearly new BMW 330e which was my retirement present to me, had a full leather interior. His kind actions prevented the interior being irreversibly stained.

OK, it’s “only a car”.  Cars are just things that can be repaired. What’s the big deal?

Yes, it is “just a car” but to me it is my reward for 40 years of doing the hard yards at work, taking jobs in inconvenient locations and doing the things that other people didn’t want to or couldn’t do.

I just didn’t want it marked unnecessarily, especially due to my own carelessness. And thank to the kindness of a passing stranger, that didn’t happen.

Fish and Chips

I work away from home at least one night each week, sometimes more. Happily I get to stay in some nice places with nice rooms and, generally, great food.

However, sometimes I just fancy the great British staple of fish and chips.

The occasion was my first stay at this establishment and I didn’t know how they would feel about me bringing food in rather than using their (very nice) restaurant.

I needn’t have worried. Seeing me come in with my bag of fish and chips the receptionist immediately offered me  a plate, cutlery and condiments to take to my room.

That was a classy response and is one of the reasons I now stay there regularly.

Take a bow Angmering Manor.

Going the extra yard

On one of my trips away I called in to a petrol station to refuel the car and buy something to read to pass the time between dinner and going to bed.

As an ex-motorcycle racer I was hoping for a copy of that week’s Motor Cycle News. Sadly they only had the previous weeks issue on display.

I mentioned this in passing to the sale assistant. Without being asked she offered to look through that day’s incoming deliveries to see if an MCN had been included.

And one had.

OK, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I’d had to make do with just a newspaper to read, but her act of kindness made my evening that bit more pleasant.

What I learned

Writing this post reminded me of the importance of small kindnesses. I like to think of them as the grease that makes life run that bit more smoothly.

Without them life would still continue but  with them life is that bit nicer for the recipient and, I think, the giver.

So, my resolution it to do one small kindness each day. Not because I think I should, but by way of saying thank you to those who have done kindnesses for me.


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Bob Windmill

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