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My name is Bob windmill and I am the MD of Windmill Insight Solutions
ltd. I created WIS because I felt that my original business, Sapience Consulting, while successful and earning me a living, was too focused on the processes of improvement rather than on achieving good outcomes.

By nature I prefer to focus on all the good things that can happen when we individually or as a business decide to make positive changes.

With that in mind I set up Windmill Insight Solutions Ltd which is very much aimed at helping people and organisations achieve good things. This blog is a way for me share with you some of the more interesting bits and pieces that I am working on.

The company name is a combination of my Surname – me, because that’s what i’m offering, Insight – that great moment when all the data and information that you are working with makes sense, and Solutions – getting something useful done, which is what life is all about, .

Windmills: doing useful work?


After I came up with the name I shared it with a colleague. She  wondered if I had thought of “Windmill” in the sense of a device that harnesses  energy to create something useful.

It was a powerful piece of imagery, one which could be applied  to historic windmills as and the more controversial  modern wind turbines.

Both harvest otherwise wasted wind energy, the former producing flour while the latter produce green energy.

It was such I good thought that, with the blessing of my colleague, I adopted  it.

Solving problems

Whether working with an organisation or an individual my aim is to be  helping someone solve a problem. In both situations the process is the same: Analysis, help them understand they are now and where they want to get to, and then Action,help them work out a plan for making the journey.

I am lucky to hold both science and business Master’s Degrees which gives me two different ways of thinking about problems and how to solve them. This knowledge has been refined by over 35 years experience of applying this knowledge to a wide range of practical problems.

Education and experience

However I think that the best asset I have is that I love making things work better. From an early age I would take things apart to see how they worked. While I wasn’t quite as successful at getting them back together it was a start.

Off down a slippery slope?

Somewhere along the line this inquisitive young person disappeared and was taken over  by a rather more serious individual who liked the comfort and security of of a world of technical excellence where answers were either right or wrong.

How well did that work out? Have a read of my post on “How I escaped a life of grind“. Is there a clue in the title? You decide.

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